Why microcement is the perfect coating for your walls

Microcement wall

Posted by September 27th, 2019

Microcement in walls is a natural, economic and contemporary proposal that is widely used in homes that wish to provide a modern design, as well as in offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

Very easy and fast to build and install, it has great resistance and requires very little maintenance. Besides, it combines very well with other materials such as stone and wood, and it is possible to colour it in any shade. As for aesthetics, microcement in walls stands out positively in the environments and has the advantage of combining with other materials, thus obtaining an interesting decorative proposal.

Microcement is ideal for use in minimalist and avant-garde walls. It is mostly used in kitchens or bathrooms, where they can be combined with countertops or stairs also made in microcement. Moreover, the application of the micro cement in walls also works perfectly for tile and ceramic coverings in bathrooms or kitchens without needing to remove what is already placed.

Also, if you are looking for a more customized or inspirational option microcement can be used to cover a wall within almost unlimited finish alternatives. Mixing such a wide variety of colours and textures you can create incomparable worlds.


What are the advantages of microcement for walls?

 Easy adhesion

One of its main qualities lies in the extraordinary adhesion to all types of wall surfaces such as tiles, tiles, plaster, concrete, plasterboard, metal, plastic, marble, stoneware… both for use on indoor and outdoor walls.

Economic savings

As it is not necessary to eliminate the existing material on which the microcement is placed, the economic saving is another of the advantages you should take into account. We know renovations can be expensive sometimes, and that is why micro cement is a perfect choice for all budgets.

Water and heat resistant

One of the most important advantages is the resistance to water and high temperatures, so it becomes the ideal option to use in any type of space, including bathroom and kitchen walls.

Wide colour range

The combination of different types of pigments allows creating a virtually infinite colour gamut.

Excellent finishes

Microcement does not require expansion joints, so the surface is always smooth and continuous.


It is highly resistant, long-lasting and non-slip.

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