Which factors affect the price of micro-cement?

Factors that affect the price of Microcement

Posted by March 27th, 2018

The application of Microcemento® is carried out through a handmade process with numerous layers and therefore the price per square meter varies significantly depending on:

The size of the job: Larger projects require fewer start-up costs reducing the price of Microcemento® per square meter.

The size of the panels: Larger panels with fewer corners and joints that require extra trowel work and preparation can also reduce the square meter costs.

-The type of sub-base on which our product is applied: if the base is irregular or susceptible to cracking, it will require a greater number of layers. On smoother and more rigid bases, Microcemento® will cost less.

-Floors verses walls: The application on floors is faster than on walls. Even though a fiberglass mesh is usually installed in floors, which is not usually applied in walls, the greater ease of distribution of the material on floors makes the price per square meter of Microcemento® slightly more economical.

We are an international company, fully specialized in the manufacture of micro-cement. This is a material that offers a characteristic and attractive appearance, due largely to the handmade installation and the effects that arise from it.

With our exclusive micro-coatings, we maintain an aesthetic excellence while we achieve an improved resistance to numerous agents, as well as greater flexibility, all of which have an impact on the durability of our seamless floors. In addition, when buying Microcemento® with us you will have the opportunity to choose between a wide range of colours and special finishes.

For image, durability and fast and convenient installation, Microcemento® is the best option to dress your floors. We offer remarkable advantages over any other type of aesthetic solution.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer; we will be pleased to study your project, your ideas and your needs carefully. Topret’s clients trust us not only because we provide the best quality, but also because we build strong communicative relationships with them.