Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Posted by May 15th, 2017

Topcret´s Microcemento, the perfect partner for Manoj´s design.


Topcret´s Microcement was chosen by renowned designer Manoj Malde to help him compose its garden showcase entitled Beneath a Mexican Sky. The Chelsea Flower Show, formally knows as the Great Spring Show is the world´s most prestigious flower show, regularly visited by Her Majesty The Queen.

Topcret´s contribution to this splendid and colourful garden showcase consists on a Microcemento covering for the whole submerged surface of the pool of water, displaying the product´s waterproof properties. Topcret also covered the large steps that cross said pool, a task that initially seemed too challenging, as the steps had to be strong enough to withstand food traffic, but at the same time lightweight so that the structural steels wouldn´t have to be over-engineered. Topcret´s Microcemento, one of the UK based company´s best selling product, proved as the perfect solution due to its unparalleled combination of strenght and thinness, allowing for a durable and yet lightweight surface.

The show will take place at Royal Hospital Chelsea from May 23rd to the 27th.