Tadelakt: A Millenary Technique of Morocco

Tadelakt wall

Posted by July 20th, 2018

Tadelakt is an ancient Moroccan technique handed down from generation to generation, which has fascinated interior designers from all over the world. Today in Topcret’s blog, we are going to show you what Tadelakt is and why it has become so popular.

The restoration in progress of many of the riads of Morocco has brought this ancient technique to become fashionable, not only in Morocco, but also in other parts of the world. Artisans from a lot of different places, mainly from the USA and Europe, have traveled from their countries to be trained by Tadelakt masters and are introducing some of the exotic decoration of Morocco in their own countries.

What is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt is a lime coating obtained from the Marrakech region. The amazing thing about Tadelakt is that many of the surfaces that were created centuries ago are still intact, and, in fact, are even more beautiful than when they were created.

Tadelakt in Morocco

Moroccan Tadelakt is considered one of the oldest and most refined plaster finishes in the world. It is a technique with a long history, from around 2,000 years old. The Tadelakt was initially used by the Berbers for the storage of drinking water, waterproofing their cisterns that they had underground.

Subsequently, it was used in a decorative way on exterior facades, in the manufacture of small drinking containers, in the construction of public restrooms, and finally, in the decoration of the walls of the private bathrooms of the wealthiest houses in Morocco.

The preparation and application of Tadelakt is a long and complicated process, and it has been transmitted from teacher to apprentice or from father to son, through many generations.

The word Tadelakt comes from the verb “dalaka”, which in Arabic means to rub, to caress, to massage or to flatten. In addition, Tadelakt is the Berber pronunciation of the name Dalk.

The perfect alternative to tiles for bathrooms

Tadelakt, as we have said, is increasingly popular all over the world. It is not strange however, due to the many properties it has. It is a natural and ecological product and also resistant to water, making it ideal for bathrooms.

In fact, interior designers that travelled to Morocco believe that Tadelakt is the ideal alternative to tiles in bathrooms. It is perfect for shower cabins, swimming pools, steam rooms and in general for any wet space. It is porous to the air but not to water, therefore, the walls can breathe.

And the precursor of microcement

Tadelakt is considered inside the industry such as the ‘precursor’ of the microcement. However, the fact that Tadelakt has never been such accessible as the microcement (or micro concrete) is today may be the sign that shows us that, thanks to Topcret microcement, a material based in the Tadelakt for many reasons, is an alternative that these days we can choose regardless of where we are.