Micro-cement that is exclusive by nature

Posted by January 4th, 2017

The X House

Only something extraordinary could happen when two high-level design and architecture companies joined forces to create spaces and environments in dream locations. That is what happened when the Cadaval & Solà-Morales architectural studio and Topcret determined to make the most of their talent by joining forces. The construction of two single-family houses in different natural environments was a challenge that they managed to complete in an extraordinary way.

The first of their creations was the X House in Cabrils, Barcelona (Spain). Its design revolved around an enormous pine tree that would dictate the direction that the project would take. The premise was that the house should be designed to take advantage of the natural environment, both in its mountainous slope and the beautiful views of the Mediterranean. The sum of these requirements meant that the house should take on an X-shape.

The challenge for Topcret was to let nature remain dormant in the floors and walls of its rooms. The materials used had to be harmoniously linked to the concepts specified by the architects. The continuity of the floor surfaces had to play with the reflection of the sea and the mountain.

Through this shape, the inhabitants of the house could enjoy both the views of the sea and the mountain by respecting the natural location of the tree. Consequently, very open spaces and large areas were created that naturally allowed the surroundings to be incorporated into the house’s interior.

House X Topcret

The choice of Topcret to coat the surfaces with Microcement0® was a complete success. The most versatile, finest and sophisticated material on the market reinforced the overarching philosophy of the house. Undoubtedly, the perfect combination of design and natural inspiration, integrating the rustic finish with a large handmade application.

House X Topcret

The project that the architects had in mind was that of a bright, open home that transmitted a sense of spaciousness, marking the limits with all its surfaces. A good choice of colour would make the project even more powerful. In this case, Topcret created a custom tone for the client with an intermediate grey that mixed a steel and grey colour for the floors.

The walls and bathrooms would incorporate shades of white to make the natural clarity of the house more powerful.

Coordination among work teams was paramount. The technical aspects offered by all the suppliers had to live up to the exceptional aesthetic characteristics offered by the architecture of the house and its surroundings. Engineers, technicians and designers worked hand in hand to carry out this great project in which nothing could fail. The reason was not only the tight delivery date of the work, but also the demands of working in parallel on a project of this size.

Topcret technicians worked together on all areas of the house with other collaborators in the sector. The anhydrite mortar base and the previously installed radiant floor did not pose any difficulty when work began on coating the floors.

Microcemento’s high quality contributed to the final result: previously installed material did not need to be removed owing to its great adhesive capacity with any surface, and the application and release time for transit on each area worked on took only one day.

Parallel work during the Microcemento® application followed its normal course, so the final result was a success.

The owners of the X House were not the only ones who enjoyed the aesthetic and practical benefits of Topcret Microcement. The architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales could see the high strength and quality in the excellent results of the X House. This meant that they decided motu proprio to apply the same material to other projects in their portfolio. It was not surprising, therefore, that the Topcret team was part of their new project for the Sunflower House in Girona (Spain).