Quality Environmental and Safety Policy

TOPCRET is a leading company in the production and installation of cement-based coatings applicable to floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, outdoors, swimming pools and worktops.

TOPCRET has shops and shwrooms throughout Spain and, through its franchise plan, has brought its offer to all of America, Asia, Africa and the rest of Europe.

As a company committed to the quality of its products and respect for the environment, it is an inescapable goal within the integral management of our company to make compatible the profitability of economic activity with the maximum satisfaction of our customers and the preservation of the environment, considering the interactions of our products throughout their life cycle.

In addition, TOPCRET is aware of the importance of protecting the safety and health of its workers in all its activities. Therefore, it establishes and provides the necessary resources and means to ensure the elimination or control of risks during the activity.

To achieve these:

* We continuously implement, maintain and improve an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and PRL, according to the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, as well as complying with the legislation and Regulations related to the product, service, environment and the safety and health of workers and those requirements that are applicable.

* We are committed to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution and occupational safety and health.

* We engage in actions to address the risks in order to eliminate, reduce or control them.

* We periodically review the jobs in the areas of safety, hygiene, ergonomics-psycho-sociology and health surveillance in order to improve the working methods and effectiveness of the measures implemented.

* We work towards the goal of offering the highest quality in our products and services to satisfy the needs of our customers.

* We continually improve our planning, organization, review and control of our production and service systems, based on the evaluation required by the market, promoting energy efficiency and recycling, from the design phase of products and processes, reducing, whenever possible, the waste and emissions generated by our activities.

* We promote internal communication systems on the effectiveness of the Policy, standards and results in terms of risk prevention by encouraging the participation and consultation of employees, both own and those of external companies.

* We collaborate with our suppliers and subcontractors in the improvement of the quality and its environmental actions as well as the health and safety of the external workers.

* We maintain an open and collaborative relationship with our clients, suppliers, the administration, our neighborhood and any other social sector interested in our activities, improving information abroad.

* We advise and inform our clients at all times about the most appropriate solution to their problems thorugh a specialized technical service.

* We provide the necessary resources and means to achieve the implementation, effectiveness and improvement of the Management System.

Barcelona, February 18th of 2017