Topcret’s T/Labs laboratory has developed T/Chef, a micro-coating for kitchens that is highly resistant to frequently-used everyday cleaning products. Lemon, vinegar or abrasive cleaners are not dangerous for the care of kitchen countertop surfaces made with this product.

Similar in appearance to Microcemento®, its special chemical resilience has been developed by our engineers, making it the most solid, waterproof, durable and unique coating on the market.

Its fast application on any existing surface is ideal for renovations, even on furniture. Like all other Topcret coatings, it does not require building permits for its application and the required time before use is almost immediate. The inconvenience of dirt and debris and associated additional costs are automatically eliminated when choosing this micro-coating.

This seamless, joint-free surface is ideal for catering and food companies because it is easy to clean and sanitize.

T/Chef is available in the same colours and finishes as Microcemento®, including our Premium lines: Glanz, Mesta, Stamp and Swann.


Data Sheet

Description: smooth, cement and polymer-based coating with high resistance to chemicals

Thickness: 2mm

Ready for use/normal foot traffic: 24 hours

Colours: available in the same colour palette as Topcret Microcemento®

Applications: kitchen countertops

Benefits: more resistant to chemicals, retains the finish of Topcret Microcemento®








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