Create spectacular pools with colours inspired by the sea

T/Swim is a fine and versatile material that is easily applied and provides a unique final finish, while at the same time, having all the same benefits of Topcret Microcemento®. As with our other products, pre-existing base material does not need to be removed before application.

Colour combinations can be used to form borders, giving personality to the architecture of your swimming pool. Topcret has created T/Grip, along with T/Swim, a finish that increases slip resistance, making it ideal for your swimming pool deck.

As part of our service, Topcret offers a maintenance check after the first emptying of your pool.

Data Sheet

Description: smooth cement and polymer-based coating with high resistance to the sun and chemicals.
Thickness: 2mm

Construction time: up to 50 m2/day

Ready for use/normal foot traffic: 24 hours

Colours: wide range of colours

Applications: swimming pools and any other water container, such as fountains, channels, etc.

Benefits: resistance to sun and chemicals, combinable colours, quick application