Topcret has developed an ideal non-slip treatment for spaces in especially high risk areas, including stairs, edges of swimming pools or access ramps. T/Grip complies with Class 2 and Class 3 anti-slip regulations.

T/Grip is a treatment especially designed for wet areas; through the use of micro-particles, it ensures greater resistance to slipping where it is applied.

T/Grip can be applied on top of any Topcret product for maximum grip, minimizing slipping and sliding to create a much safer surface.

Data Sheet

Description: non-slip surface treatment

Thickness: does not modify the thickness of the base material

Work time: does not modify the work time of the base material

Ready for use/normal foot traffic: 24 hours

Colours: transparent, does not change the colour of the base material

Applications: slip risk areas such as steps or edges of pools, wet enclosures and general exteriors

Benefits: achieves safe, non-slip surfaces without affecting the visual finish







Application Surface (Example: walls)*

Quantity of m2*


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