Stamp: Micro-cement with decorative motifs

In our catalogue of Premium products, Topcret presents a collection of high quality coatings with motifs that can be perfectly combined with our catalogue of colours and applied with precision by our highly trained professionals to floors and walls. Graphics are added to the texture created by the manual application of our products. The design of exclusive motifs adds colour, texture and art to your space.

Stamp is ideal for incorporating your brand into your business and can be used on any surface to which you want to add character and depth.

  • Floral and repeating patterns that, like wallpaper, can cover floors and exteriors
  • Mandala designs that provide balance and energy
  • Writings, figures, symbols and images that can create a unique and unmistakable atmosphere
  • Decorative figures following the edges of a pool or accentuating the boundaries of a hall
  • Frames that define hallways and corridors
  • Kids rooms full of fantasy that encourage play and imagination

The premium Stamp line opens a world of opportunities for designing environments full of energy and elegance.








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