Topcret has developed an ideal non-slip treatment for spaces in especially high risk areas, including stairs, edges of swimming pools or access ramps. T/Grip complies with Class 2 and Class 3 anti-slip regulations.

T/Grip is a treatment especially designed for wet areas; through the use of micro-particles, it ensures greater resistance to slipping where it is applied.

T/Grip can be applied on top of any Topcret product for maximum grip, minimizing slipping and sliding to create a much safer surface.


T/Front is a micro-cement for facades developed specifically for exterior application. It offers greater resistance to damaging external elements such as sun abrasion and extreme weather. Even the elimination of graffiti is easier because of the anti-graffiti treatment we developed specifically for this purpose.

Developed for the exteriors of businesses, shops or any surface exposed to the elements, this micro-cement for facades has a range of colours designed specifically in Topcret’s Innovation laboratories. These pigments have been developed to achieve optimum resistance to the sun, avoiding the usual discolouration undergone by most materials exposed to the outdoors.


Topcret’s T/Labs laboratory has developed T/Chef, a micro-coating for kitchens that is highly resistant to frequently-used everyday cleaning products. Lemon, vinegar or abrasive cleaners are not dangerous for the care of kitchen countertop surfaces made with this product.

Similar in appearance to Microcemento®, its special chemical resilience has been developed by our engineers, making it the most solid, waterproof, durable and unique coating on the market.

Its fast application on any existing surface is ideal for renovations, even on furniture. Like all other Topcret coatings, it does not require building permits for its application and the required time before use is almost immediate. The inconvenience of dirt and debris and associated additional costs are automatically eliminated when choosing this micro-coating.

This seamless, joint-free surface is ideal for catering and food companies because it is easy to clean and sanitize.

T/Chef is available in the same colours and finishes as Microcemento®, including our Premium lines: Glanz, Mesta, Stamp and Swann.



In our quest to make our coatings of the highest quality and exclusivity, Topcret has created Swann, a new application within our premium micro-coatings catalogue with inlaid Swarovski Elements crystals. The variety of shapes and colours of these jewels allows you to create your own unique designs.


Floors and walls that provide year-round comfort

Topcret has been covering floors and walls in homes, hotels and shops for more than a decade, with micro-coatings such as Microcemento® and Baxab® Market demands have driven Topcret’s Innovation Labs to create Summery, the perfect fusion of technology and design that allows any Topcret coating to be heated.

An invisible heating mesh is incorporated into the micro-coating to enable ideal temperatures at all times, even in humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Your home or business is kept comfortably warm in a uniform and adjustable way. This is achieved through the use of a mesh that is easily linked to your electrical system and is completely safe. This heat conduction system is extremely robust; the surface can be drilled and independent electrical outlets or other devices easily installed.

Summery is a heated micro-cement created to bring comfort and warmth to your home or business.

The assembly and application of Summery is performed by Topcret personnel in the same way as any other product in the brand catalogue. Being a material recommended for renovations and for large facilities such as shops, it is possible to apply it on the existing base without creating additional debris or requiring demanding maintenance. Like the rest of Topcret products, the coating is applied manually using a trowel that creates unique surfaces, so each application is one-of-a-kind.

Key features of Summery:

  • Only 3mm thick, the thinnest electric base heating system on the market
  • Quickly installed and ready for use
  • Available in a wide range of colours and with the sophisticated micro-cement finish
  • Completely waterproof
  • Highly adhesive
  • CE certified
  • Fast heating
  • Only activates when necessary
  • Safe technology with low voltage (24V)
  • Practically unlimited operational life
  • Quality: uses a German technological development system
  • System with energy consumption meter MID



  • It can be applied directly to multiple existing surfaces such as ceramics, cement, metal or plastic.
  • Maintenance-free, highly efficient heating saves time and money
  • Because its waterproof it can be safely used in bathrooms and wet areas
  • Aesthetically attractive with no radiators, pipes, or bulky appliances visible
  • Seamless surfaces that do not require joints or cuts
  • Possible to achieve energy savings of up to 20% as it consumes up to 50% less energy than conventional electric heating systems
  • Environmentally friendly as there are no CO2 emissions
  • With the elimination of dry air and dust particles, it provides additional comfort for people suffering from allergies
  • Ideal for low or passive energy homes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Definitive solution to combat mold and condensation problems
  • Elimination of space needed to store fuel or heating systems


Stamp: Micro-cement with decorative motifs

In our catalogue of Premium products, Topcret presents a collection of high quality coatings with motifs that can be perfectly combined with our catalogue of colours and applied with precision by our highly trained professionals to floors and walls. Graphics are added to the texture created by the manual application of our products. The design of exclusive motifs adds colour, texture and art to your space.

Stamp is ideal for incorporating your brand into your business and can be used on any surface to which you want to add character and depth.

  • Floral and repeating patterns that, like wallpaper, can cover floors and exteriors
  • Mandala designs that provide balance and energy
  • Writings, figures, symbols and images that can create a unique and unmistakable atmosphere
  • Decorative figures following the edges of a pool or accentuating the boundaries of a hall
  • Frames that define hallways and corridors
  • Kids rooms full of fantasy that encourage play and imagination

The premium Stamp line opens a world of opportunities for designing environments full of energy and elegance.


Micro-cement for walls

With Mura, Topcret has created the most sophisticated, durable and highest quality micro-cement for walls available on the market. Handcrafted and similar in appearance to Microcemento®, its unique textures are available in a wide range of colours.

Thanks to its fast application and strong adhesive qualities, it is the micro-cement best suited for plaster walls.

An excellent choice for renovations as it can be applied quickly, cleanly and without noise. And, because it does not require the removal of existing material, it does not generate debris.

Unique textures, handcrafted applications

Coated walls and furniture, without joints or cracks, harmonize beautifully with the architecture of your building. Mura’s quality is unmatched since this coating gives the walls strength and durability, qualities that differentiate it from more fragile materials such as wallpaper, paint or other coatings.


Microcemento® micro-coating is a trademark of TopcretIt is a thin and versatile material enabling the creation of elegant, unique and colourful surfaces, including floors and walls, and is the micro-coating chosen by professional interior designers to provide quality and distinction.

Microcemento® is a 2mm thick, smooth cement and polymer coating with great adhesive qualities for multiple surfaces. It is ideal for quick renovation projects as it does not require removing existing surfaces, thus saving both time and money.

Main features of Microcemento®:

  • Provides a seamless and continuous surface
  • Minimum thickness (approximately 2mm)
  • Great adhesive capacity
  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes

Find out more about Microcemento®…

The above features of Microcemento® provide the following benefits, giving it a clear advantage over other micro-coatings:

  • With a thickness of approximately 2mm, it easily levels out in contact with other materials so doors do not have to be adjusted.
  • Easy application which saves time and money because:
    • There is no need to remove existing material to apply due to its great adhesive capacity. It can be applied to cement, concrete, metal, plastic, asphalt, terrazzo and ceramic.
    • It does not generate debris
    • It does not require a long application process
  • Renovating with Microcemento® does not require a building permit
  • It is versatile. Finishes can be modern, elegant, sophisticated, rustic…
  • Colours are easily combinable
  • Gives a sense of room to spaces
  • Easy to clean


Microcemento applications

With Microcemento® you can the create unique spaces, floors and walls covered with a material that is distinguished by its unmatched elegance. Chosen as one of the most sophisticated materials amongst interior design, architecture and design professionals, it received the “Pavement of the Year” award from Interiores Magazine in 2015.

The product is applied manually with a trowel, which means that in each job the texture of the surface is one-of-a-kind. As with other fine materials, such as marble or wood, Microcemento® floors and walls are always unique.

All floor applications use a fiberglass mesh for strength and cohesion, ensuring greater durability and minimizing the risk of cracks rising from the base. Microcemento® can be attached with absolute firmness to

concrete, metal, plastic, asphalt, terrazzo and even smooth ceramic.

Find out more about all Topcret Microcemento® applications



Highly Resistant. Ultra thin. Seamless covering.

Topcret scientists developed Baxab®, our maximum strength micro-coating, that adheres to any existing surface. Developed in Topcret’s Innovation Labsit represents a technological leap forward. The combination of two new exclusive materials developed by Topcret enables levels of resistance never before achieved by other products in the field of seamless coverings.  This technology created by Topcret makes it a benchmark in the sector.

Unique micro-coating technology
The first of these two new layers, BCED, is 10 times stronger than conventional micro-cements. This inner layer, an exclusive creation of Topcret, is highly resistant to pressure and fissures, creating a solid, stable and very durable base layer.

The final finish, the exclusive CRED shield, is an innovative material that is highly resistant to scratches, stains and burns. It creates a sophisticated surface with a durable, decorative finish. Available in Topcret’s extensive colour catalogue, Baxab® allows you to achieve high quality beautiful surfaces. It is also completely waterproof, so it is possible to apply in kitchens, bathrooms or any wet area.

Topcret recommends the application of Baxab® for use on heavily trafficked surfaces which demand high durability. As with Microcemento® has great adhesive power that allows it to be applied on almost any surface. It is ideal for homes and excellent for businesses, hotels, public spaces and other high traffic areas.

With a maximum thickness of 3mm and a short application time, it is ideal for renovation projects as it does not require the removal of existing material or reworking of openings or sockets.

Baxab® is applied manually with a trowel and so presents a unique and different finish with each application. The company identifies each of its Baxab® applications with a small plate and serial number. This registration allows each installation to be traced and monitored.

Laboratory Tests and Certifications

Topcret has subjected Baxab® technology to extensive testing by external technology experts to certify the durability of the product. Topcret makes the report available to its clients.