Micro-cement for walls

With Mura, Topcret has created the most sophisticated, durable and highest quality micro-cement for walls available on the market. Handcrafted and similar in appearance to Microcemento®, its unique textures are available in a wide range of colours.

Thanks to its fast application and strong adhesive qualities, it is the micro-cement best suited for plaster walls.

An excellent choice for renovations as it can be applied quickly, cleanly and without noise. And, because it does not require the removal of existing material, it does not generate debris.

Unique textures, handcrafted applications

Coated walls and furniture, without joints or cracks, harmonize beautifully with the architecture of your building. Mura’s quality is unmatched since this coating gives the walls strength and durability, qualities that differentiate it from more fragile materials such as wallpaper, paint or other coatings.