T/Front is a micro-cement for facades developed specifically for exterior application. It offers greater resistance to damaging external elements such as sun abrasion and extreme weather. Even the elimination of graffiti is easier because of the anti-graffiti treatment we developed specifically for this purpose.

Developed for the exteriors of businesses, shops or any surface exposed to the elements, this micro-cement for facades has a range of colours designed specifically in Topcret’s Innovation laboratories. These pigments have been developed to achieve optimum resistance to the sun, avoiding the usual discolouration undergone by most materials exposed to the outdoors.

Data Sheet

Description: smooth, cement and polymer-based coating

Thickness: 2mm

Construction time: up to 50 m2/day

Ready for use/normal foot traffic: 24 hours

Colours: Wide range of colours

Applications: exterior surfaces of houses, shops or buildings in general

Benefits: more sun resistant and with an exclusive anti-grafiti system