Topcret sets the pace of design, interior design and elegance with its Premium line for microcement. Collections of high-quality cementitious coatings in special colours and finishes that offer sophisticated and innovative solutions for those looking for inspired and original designs. Architecture, design and fashion go hand in hand to transform floors and walls with tones that transport us to incredible landscapes.

Microcement and Design go hand in hand to create unique environments.

Swann is the perfect union between the Topcret coating and the small items of Swarovski Elements jewellery. Available in a wide variety of colours, Swann gives you the opportunity to make your walls and furniture shine and to create the Swarovsky figure and decoration that you want.

With Stamp, Topcret shows that continuous surfaces in microcement no longer have to be smooth.

Motifs and images on floors and walls in an infinite combination of colours make it possible for floral patterns, mandalas, and children’s figures to fill the spaces with energy and depth.

The image of your brand, your logos and your badges can become a creation in your company.

Microcement colours for high-quality floors and coatings

Topcret has created Mesta and Glanz, two collections of colours that create spaces with a life of their own. Mesta transports us with its organic and natural colours to dreamlike landscapes. The Mauve and Purple tones create a universe of welcome, warmth and eternal beauty. Wheat, Tan and Ash are the tones that give a more terrestrial and infinite perspective to the spaces with microcement. Seasonal colours that never stop being contemporary.

Topcret has created with Glanz a collection of metallic colours where the material acquires the brilliance of gold and silver to redefine the spaces with luxury and design. Floors and walls with metallic flashes in silver, gold, copper and metallic black. Fine tones which convey solemnity, prestige and elegance to any environment. Tones that contribute the qualities of the precious metals they represent to microcement floors and walls.

High-quality microcement solutions that use state-of-the-art spaces. Colours that make universes and awaken the senses. Topcret achieves this with its Premium line applications in microcement that transform spaces into worlds of design and charm.