Recovery Programme

Making your Microcement brand new again is possible because of the Topcret Floor Recovery System. This process allows your microcement to have the same qualities as the original application, thus eliminating the wear and tear of a surface that has experienced its use intensively over time.

Whether with Microcemento or with Baxab, no product is indifferent to daily activity in the same way as granite, wood or marble are. Topcret has developed two technologies that allow Microcemento floors to go back to looking like the first day.

RCS Renovation: where mechanics and chemistry unite to eliminate any marks while removing scratches, bumps and wear typical of the passage of time, restoring to the surface the same colour, shine and finish of original.

Application of CRED Shield: a layer of extremely resilient resin which is unique in its market and will renew durability over time.

Topcret offers this service for any microcement floor and even other micro-coatings, even if they were not originally applied by Topcret, as this technology is able to recover and significantly improve any micro-coated surface.

For microcement floors applied by Topcret, access to this service has a special subsidized and exclusive cost for customers. Ask for more information on how you can recover your microcement floor with the Topcret Floor Recovery System.