Restoration Programme

Make your floor look new again with Topcret’s Microcemento® Floor Restoration.

This process renews heavily used floors to their original condition. Wear from heavy use is completely eliminated and the restored floor will have the same qualities as the original application. 

No flooring is completely resistant to damage and wear caused by daily use. Unlike granite, wood or marble, cement-based floors can be restored to the original condition with two technologies that have been developed by Topcret.

RCS Renovation: Topcret engineers combined mechanics and chemistry to develop a method which removes marks, scratches and bumps and restores surfaces to their original colour, shine and finish.

CRED Shield: This application of an extremely resilient resin is unique in the market and will protect your floor’s durability over the long haul.

This technology can be used to recover and improve any micro-coated surface, even surfaces that were not originally applied by Topcret. For clients whose micro-cement floors were applied by Topcret, we offer discounted prices. Contact us for information about this exclusive discount programme.