Microcemento, characteristics and colours

The applications in Microcement enable the creation of unique spaces with floors and walls covered with a material that is distinguished by its fine qualities and versatility. Chosen as one of the most sophisticated materials amongst interior design, architecture and design professionals, it received the “Pavement of the Year” award from Interior Awards.

Microcement is a fine and versatile material ideal, which enables the creation of unique spaces that are full of colour on floors and walls coated in an exclusive way. It is the micro-coating chosen by interior design professionals to give quality and distinction to spaces.

Microcement® is a smooth, cementitious and polymer coating. Only 2mm thick and because of the great adhesive qualities that it displays on multiple surfaces, it is ideal for renovation works in which, without having to remove the existing material, a swift renovation of the spaces involved can be achieved, saving time and money.

The main characteristics of Microcement are:

• Seamless surface. Without joints. It gives a sense of room to spaces. Easy cleaning.
• Minimum thickness. With a thickness of approximately 2mm, it easily levels out in contact with other materials and does not require doors to be lowered.
• Great adhesive capacity. It has great adhesion for practically all surfaces. Cement, concrete, metal, plastic, asphalt, terrazzo and even smooth ceramics will allow the Microcement ® to be attached with absolute firmness.
• Available in a wide range of colours easily combinable even in the same space.
• Modernity, elegance and sophistication.

The sum of these two factors give Microcement a clear advantage over other coatings: It saves time and money by achieving a swift renovation of spaces.

• No need to remove existing material.
• No debris generated
• No building permission needed
• No long application processes

The Notte Collection is inspired by the deep and steely tones of the night and reproduces a universe of sophisticated and elegant colours.

The Luce Collection recreates a light and clear palette. Colours inspired by Nature that convey tranquility, harmony and balance.

The Viva Collection is vibrant and radical: intense colours that create expressive spaces full of dynamism.

Topcret has created in its Premium line the Mesta and Glanz colour collections.

Topcret has created exclusive seasonal colours for the Microcement Premium line. The Mesta collection is formed by organic and natural colours that bring shades of dreamlike landscapes to the floors and walls. Colours that create trends in the world of interior design, fashion and design.

Glanz is a collection of metallic colours where the material acquires the brilliance of gold and silver to redefine the spaces of luxury and design. Floors and walls with metallic flashes in silver, gold, copper and black.

Topcret achieves with Microcement the perfect combination between technological design and handcrafted application, culminating in avant-garde colours.


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