After more than a decade in the sector and with a presence on five continents, Topcret is the leading company in the manufacture and application of cement-based micro-coatings for multiple surfaces: floors, walls, ceilings, facades, stairs, it can even be used to create furniture. Microcemento® and Baxab®  are registered trademarks of Topcret.

Microcemento® is a registered trademark; a brand designed and registered by Topcret to identify our product. With the Baxab® brand from our T/Labs laboratories, Topcret secures its place in the micro-cement market with this innovative, high-tech and unique product.

Having a Baxab® micro-coating is synonymous with technology, elegance and sophistication. Therefore, we have created a metal stamp with a serial number to signify that the unique and exclusive character of Baxab® is unmistakably present in your installation.

At Topcret we register our products to distinguish them and to demonstrate our confidence that they will stand the test of time. Our comprehensive Guarantee and Insurance Programme certifies the quality of both the products and their installation.