Micro-cement pools have become a trend


Posted by November 30th, 2018

Talking about swimming pools is like entering a parallel universe, where the possibilities are practically endless. There are swimming pools for all tastes, of all sizes and budgets. And the trend that is becoming increasingly popular is micro-cement pools.

In the first place, it should be clarified that cement should not be confused (polished or not) with micro-cement. Both are different materials and the “polished” only refers to the type of finish.

Micro-cement is a coating between 2-3 mm thick, which due to its elasticity, seamless and strength can be applied on any surface. In the case of swimming pools, it can be applied to both a pre-existing pool and a new one. Its finish is continuous and waterproof and does not crack by itself. And the best: it’s a pretty fast and clean work to execute.

The micro-cement can be combined with natural pigments so that you can choose what look you want to give to your pool

And although there are limited colour options each pool ends up being unique, because finishes alternatives are vast: plain, coated, glossy, matt, etc. All this range of options allows you to escape from the “typical pool” to create something more personal that fits perfectly to the style that you like the most.

Micro-cement pools can not only be customized through colour and finish, but also through the shape

As the material is suitable for any surface you can create pools with the most whimsical shapes you can imagine, with rounded or straight edges, with fountains, waterfalls, spa area, etc.

In addition to its technical properties, the micro cement is so trendy because it allows it to be combined with any materials and integrates perfectly in any landscape, style and environment.

Another of the great virtues of micro-cement as a coating is the material allows because it has no joints and can be applied on large surfaces without seeing any type of division. This, added to the fact that you can choose the colour and finish, allows to integrate the pool into the environment, achieving a visual continuity and a feeling of incomparable relaxation.

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