T/Labs is our research and technological development laboratory located in Barcelona, which Topcret maintains as part of our commitment to ongoing innovation in high-end products. There, our engineers and technicians are continuously developing new products and finding innovative solutions to specific application problems.

Topcret has consistently remained committed to being a pioneer in our sector and applying cutting-edge technology to interior design and architecture. The engineers and technicians in our laboratories are continuously developing new products and finding innovative solutions to meet the needs of the market.

High-end products developed to meet the technological demands of the sector

In T/Labs, we have created a family of products and solutions that we continuously incorporate into our offerings. We are steadily working on the design and development of high performance materials to improve the effectiveness of our cement-based products to the requirements of all environments.

Examples of Topcret T/Labs products are:

T/Front. A coating designed specifically for facades that offers greater resistance to damage from sun and extreme weather; in addition, it is anti-graffiti.

T/Chef. This coating was created specifically for countertops; it offers maximum resistance to damage from the daily use of common kitchen products.

T/Swim. A micro-cement specially designed for pools offering greater resistance to the sun’s rays and pool chemicals.

T/Grip. This class 2 and class 3 no-slip treatment is perfect for areas such as stairs, pool decks, exterior terraces and other general wet areas.

T/Furniture. This coating for kitchen and bathroom furniture integrates cutting-edge technology with eye-catching design. Topcret has its own collection of micro-cement coated furniture, but also offers clients the option of designing their own furniture.

For more than 10 years, the application of new technologies born in our research, development and innovation (RDI) laboratories, have helped establish Topcret’s corporate identity and reputation as pioneers in the field of cement-based products.