Frequently Asked Questions: Products


Why should I choose Topcret over the competition?
Topcret is a leading company and pioneer in the production and placement of cement-based coatings. Their experience, after more than a decade in the market, not only resides in the high technology applied to their products, but also in the high level of training and specialization of its applicators (regular staff trained by Topcret). Topcret also is also different in its exceptional Warranty Programme that covers both the quality of the materials and the application through your Reclosure Insurance.

Where in the world are Microcement and Topcret products available?
Topcret is available in all continents. With physical presence through its Licenses in more than 16 countries, Topcret can reach anywhere in the world.

Who carries out the installation?
All Topcret products are installed with their own applicators. The regular staff receive continuous training both in product operation and response techniques and in techniques for perfecting aesthetic finishes.

Is it possible to buy microcement or Topcret material for another independent professional to install?
No, it is not possible. The professionals trained by Topcret are specialized in the application of Microcement and Baxab. Topcret not only guarantees the quality of its products but also that of its installation, therefore it does not sell the material to third parties. Contact with your nearest Topcret for more details.

I want to check the quality of the products. How can I do it?
To check the quality of Topcret products you can visit one of the company showrooms, where you can observe all the microcements and coatings and appreciate their finish, colour and real textures. You can also visit a Topcret facility near your location. On this website you can check that Microcement  and Baxab have different quality seals that makes them exclusive products. The Guarantee and Insurance Programme, whichhas guaranteed in writing the quality of the material and the experience of the company’s customers for over a decade, guarantees the quality of Topcret products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Can the price of the product and its application vary according to the material on which it is placed?
The cost of applying any microcement or coating is the same on any surface. There can only be an additional cost in case of an exceptional deterioration or irregular state of the surface to be coated, if it is necessary to apply a self-leveling agent or an extra microcement base layer. In these cases, the client can opt for Topcret services or may request a separate one.

I want to choose the colours and surface finished. How can I do it?
Although Topcret displays the colour palette of its products on the web and in printed catalogues, the perception of them can vary according to the configuration of each screen or print. The colours in these media act as a guide only so it is advisable to visit one of the showrooms before making a purchase and check the colour and surface appearance. Even so, Topcret advises you to take into account that the application of its products is unique and handmade, so the finish of colour, gloss and roughness is unique in each work.

Can I customize any Topcret product?
Topcret can customize your coating with drawings, logos, texts, ornaments and a combination of several colors at once. If you do not find your colour in the basic or premium color catalogue, Topcret can create the colour that your work requires with the specific hue needed. With Topcret there are no limits to bringing any design or colour to a surface.

What is the difference between polished cement and Microcement?
They are two different products. The Microcement has similar aesthetic characteristics to the polished cement but presents other characteristics that can be very beneficial, given the fact that they are applied on any existing surface and that with only 2mm of approximate thickness generate continuous surfaces. These characteristics distinguish it from the polished cement where it is necessary to generate expansion joints and requires a thickness of more than 6 centimeters to be added to the surface, which together can represent a higher risk of cracking. In addition to Microcement or Baxab, the range of finishes and textures is wider than in polished cement.

Applications and work

Is it necessary to ask for building permission?
Not only is it not necessary not to request building permission, and furthermore installation does not generate debris, so the application of any product is very agile and the inconveniences are minimal. The result is visible almost immediately and after 24 hours the paved surface is accessible.

To what kind of surfaces can Microcement or Baxab be applied?
Due to the great adhesive qualities of both, it is possible to apply them to almost any type of stable surface: ceramics, porcelain, cement mortar, tiles, plaster, plaster and marble. By not having to remove the existing material, swift renovation of the spaces can be achieved, saving time and money. In addition, it is not necessary to apply for building permission, so the drawbacks are minimal.

What kind of products can be applied on stairs?
There are a variety of products applicable on stairs. All Topcret products are very versatile so you only need to take into account some technical details in order that they can be applied easily.

What kind of products can I install outdoors?
All Topcret products can be installed on outdoor surfaces as long as proper precautions are taken to correctly waterproof the bases where the coatings are applied. With these measures, together with a correct planimetry, upwelling dampness is avoided and an attempt is made to avoid accumulation of water on the surface.

Is it possible to apply topcret products to furniture?
Topcret not only makes its own furniture but also it offers the opportunity to coat designed furniture for its customers.

Is it possible to apply Microcemento or Baxab on wood and parquet floors?
Due to the inherent movement of the wood or parquet floors, it is necessary to remove them prior to the placement of the Microcemento or Baxab.

Are Topcret coatings non-slip?
All Topcret coatings can be non-slip by a superficial application of the T/Grip product developed in Topcret’s T/Labs laboratories. The anti-slip gradation will depend on the requirements of the existing regulations in each country.

Is it possible to apply Microcemento or Baxab on a radiant floor?
Both Microcemento and Baxab are fully compatible with underfloor heating systems. Precautions should only be taken when correctly fitting the base of the application. For more information on how to prepare the base, consult any Topcret office.

Can there be imperfections in the products?
The application of any Topcret product is done in a manual way. The coating is applied manually by trowel, so that the variations in texture are unique and characteristic of the application.

I want to apply one of your products on a humid surface. Are your products impermeable?
All Topcret products are waterproof, which makes them suitable for wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers or bathtubs. However, the base where the coating is applied must be perfectly dry and free of moisture as the coatings are waterproof but NOT waterproofing.

Is it possible to apply your products on a deteriorated pavement without having to lift it?
Topcret products are especially suitable for rehabilitation works as the existing surface does not need to be removed. Even so, Topcret’s technical personnel always carry out an inspection before making any application, and especially on floors deteriorated through use, in order to inform the client of the appropriate recommendations.

In case of a new work, what is the most appropriate material as a basis for later applying one of the products?
Due to the high adhesion capacity of all Topcret products, these can be applied to any surface except parquet. The indispensable requirements of the base are rigidity, a smooth surface and that it be free of fissures. In this way, the base could either be a shaped or swirling mortar cement, polished concrete, anhydrite mortar or self leveling, and in many cases it is even possible to choose to use a low cost ceramic coating.

As your products do not have joints, does the risk of cracks not increase?
Not at all. Due to their thinness and their great adhesive capacity, the Topcret products do not crack by themselves in any circumstance. The only possible cracks may occur if the base on which the lining is applied undergoes some significant movement of settlement or expansion. The incorporation of a fibreglass mesh in the floors minimizes the risk of cracks arising from the base.

Renovations and Maintenance

I need to repair my already coated floor – how can I do it?
Consult the company’s technical staff. Each repair may need a different treatment.

How can I renew a weather-worn coating?
Any Topcret coating can be renewed By means of the exclusive Floor Recovery System, eliminating wear and tear caused by the passage of time.

Can I change the colour of my old Topcret coating?
Yes, it is technically possible. In addition, by activating the Retrieval Insurance, you can access a lifetime discount to make these changes at any time.

How is the maintenance of a floor to which a micro-coating has been applied carried out? With what products and frequency?
Maintenance and cleaning of Topcret coatings is done by washing with water and neutral soap. It is periodically recommended to apply water-diluted self-brush waxes as they leave an acrylic residue that renews the protective layer of the floor.

Are there any special recommendations for surfaces where people’s circulation is high?
Topcret products are ideal for spaces where the movement of people is continuous due to its strength and durability, with Baxab being the most suitable product if maximum strength is required.