Frequently Asked Questions: Licenses

How can I be part of the business?
It is possible to obtain a Topcret franchise to market any of its products by acquiring a Gold License or a Silver License. Both licenses provide the opportunity to benefit from the brand´s know-how and commercialize a catalogue of exclusive products with guarantees of development. For more information you can contact Topcret at

What is the difference between the Gold License and Silver License?
The difference between the Gold License and the Silver License lies in the term of the operating contract. The Gold License grants area exclusivity for a period of 5 years and the Silver License for a period of one year.

This makes the contractual obligations of the two Licenses different also. The Gold License therefore requires the payment of the initial franchise fee and the Silver does not.

Can I buy Topcret material before I purchase a license?
To ensure the exclusivity of its products, Topcret only sells material to its licenses, which is why you will not be able to purchase Topcret without first obtaining a license. This also protects the quality of the application, as only operators of the Licenses, trained by Topcret, can install the product. To guide you in the process of acquiring the License, Topcret offers demonstration facilities to show you how the business operates.