FAQs: Baxab

Is Baxab® a micro-cement?
Baxab® is a high-tech micro-cement application developed by Topcret that includes the exclusive BCED Layer and CRED Shield, which generate a solid, stable and very durable layer which is also highly scratch resistant.

How resilient is Baxab® to impact damage and scratching?
Baxab® is the most resilient continuous coating on the market. Baxab® guarantees a scratch resistance value of 120N/mm2, a value similar to that of ceramic floors. With respect to impact strength (> 14.7 Nm), Baxab® has the ability to absorb blows caused by sharp objects. At most, a small deformation may occur, but without material loss and consequent colour change. This is our product’s advantage over marble, porcelain or ceramic coatings where impacts could cause breakage and loss of material and colour.

What is the aesthetic difference between Microcemento® and Baxab®?
Baxab® can be purchased in the same colours and finishes as Microcemento® and while they are similar, Baxab® is more homogeneous in colour.


How should I choose between Microcemento® or Baxab®?
Topcret recommends the application of Baxab® in all cases where greater chemical and mechanical resistance is required. It is ideal for floors, worktops, bathroom and work furniture.

What type of maintenance does it require?
Maintenance and cleaning of Baxab® and all Topcret coatings is done by washing with water and a neutral soap. It is periodically recommended to apply a self polishing wax diluted in water, as this will leave an acrylic residue that renews the protective layer of the floor.

How long after application do you have to wait before walking on a Baxab® floor?
Baxab® floors can be traversed moderately 24 hours after application. They can withstand normal use after 3 days, but maximum resistance requires 20 days. Therefore, extreme caution is recommended when placing furniture or dragging heavy objects within the first 20 days. Baxab® floors are completely waterproof after 72 hours.