A sweet desire called Vioko

Topcret Vioko Ice Cream Shop

Posted by January 4th, 2017

Sandra Soler created Mésdisseny 10 years ago, a very personal interior design studio whose objective has always been informed by the desire to be a point of reference in the field. Sandra is a specialist in challenges, in simplifying the complex and turning chaos into something both functional and beautiful. Her purpose is clear: to create spaces that provoke emotions. To do this, she knew that Topcret could find professionals who lived up to her aspirations.

The link between Sandra Soler and Topcret has led them to undertake great projects of considerable renown. Their potential is evident in the interior design of the X HouseTheir philosophy and savoir faire are also evident in the Vioko ice cream project in the Barcelona neighbourhood of El Born (Spain). Bringing this place to life from scratch was quite a challenge for both of them and could only end in sweet success. That was what she wanted to share herself in her own words.

The Vioko ice cream project was a great challenge for me. It was a matter of turning cold bank offices into an establishment selling ice cream and handcrafted chocolates. In addition to the difficulty of transforming the space, I had to address the issue of the odd U-shape of the room, caused by a stairwell which was used by the building’s residents that had to be integrated into the project.

Topcret Vioko Ice Cream

At the time, I was fortunate to have a great deal of freedom. The owners of the establishment left the transformation of the premises in my hands and did not set any specific guidelines as to how it should be. This is not to say that they did not participate in the decision-making process during the project’s implementation, as they made some suggestions which were eventually included in the project.

Topcret Vioko Ice Cream Shop

The use of Topcret to make the floors and walls of the bathrooms was a personal decision, since the material was perfectly adapted to the needs of the project: it is a durable material that is easy to clean. These are ideal characteristics for a place designed to be very busy.

The final decision to use Topcret Microcemento® was motivated by several factors. Firstly, the design of the room, with a large semicircular perimeter wall, made it difficult to use ceramic stoneware, due to the difficulty of having to cut all the pieces, which would have involved discarding a lot of tiles through the cutouts. Secondly, the use of Topcret allowed a floor without joints, which gave the premises a great sense of unity.

Topcret Microcemento® is a durable, easy-to-clean material, ideal characteristic for a place designed to be very busy.

Once the reform of the establishment was completed, I considered the use of Topcret to be totally correct, since, almost without looking at it, the use of the silver colour gave a feeling of water and freshness reminiscent of ice.

Topcret Vioko Ice Cream Shop

After intense design work, I believe that in the end the challenge of providing the establishment with the unity that a project of this type requires was achieved. Once the work was completed it was clear that it was an ice cream shop with two entrances and not two separate premises, which was the great concern of the owners, who were not very clear if this would be possible.

I considered the use of Topcret to be totally correct since the use of the silver colour gave a feeling of water and freshness reminiscent of ice.

The greatest achievement of the project for me was to transform the old banking offices into an ice cream parlour without any trace of the offices remaining. This involved an important creative effort as I had to use decorative elements to suggest ice cream to customers, as they could not be seen.

After several months following the opening of the premises, it perfectly meets the idea for which it was created. I would even like to point out that many tourists who visit the city of Barcelona and enter the premises are photographed inside and that the work has been published in several national and international interior magazines.