Sunflower House: The House of a Thousand Views

Sunflower House: The House of a Thousand Sights

Posted by January 4th, 2017

Sunflower House

This story begins after the success achieved by the architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales and Topcret with the construction of the X House. Once again, the architects’ studio had a project where nature demanded a considerable leading role. The site chosen was in front of the sea, in a place of great beauty where the natural environment of the Mediterranean would mark out the architectural lines of the house.

Under these circumstances, the architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales knew that they would need the Topcret experience once again for their new single-family home: The Sunflower House.

 Topcret House Sunflower

The location of the Sunflower House on Cap de Creus required the architects to be governed not only by the terrain, but also by the climatic conditions. Located on the most extreme tip of the Costa Brava, this cape is especially windy, so the design of the house would be conditioned by the environment that surrounds it. The aim of the architects was to incorporate and frame all of the spectacular views of both the sea and mountains from the house.

Topcret started with experience in turning the relationship between design and landscape as conceived by Cadaval & Solà-Molares into reality. Views onto the immensity of the Mediterranean would play in favour of the continuity created by the micro-cement floors.

The choice of Microcemento® for both the floors and walls was very clear; balance, strength and cohesion.

 Topcret House Sunflower

The choice of applying Microcemento® to both floors and walls was very clear. The compatibility of the elements that make up the architectural ensemble, next to the surfaces created by Topcret, would achieve a result worthy of the environment; balanced, serene and unique. Meanwhile, the fiberglass mesh of Microcemento® would provide toughness, strength and cohesion.

The studied way in which light influenced each area of the house, added to the sensation of relaxation and well-being. Choosing grey and steel colours for the floors would create the feelings of comfort and solemnity that would inhabit the house and its frame. The choice of white for the bathrooms and walls would highlight the rest of the surfaces even more.

 Topcret House Sunflower

Everything was decided. Technicians and engineers from the different guilds began work on the inside of the house.

The result could not be more spectacular. The Sunflower House stole the show from Cap de Creus itself.

The application by Topcret’s specialized personnel was carried out in a coordinated manner on all the surfaces to be treated. As it was a new construction, the Microcemento® could be applied to the same base installed by the builder. This resulted in saving construction time, since as the cement base was applied to each area of the house, it was dry and usable a few hours after application. In this way, the other builders who would shape the Sunflower House could continue with their work so as to comply with the delivery date.

 Topcret House Sunflower

The result could not be more spectacular. The Sunflower House stole the show from Cap de Creus itself. The affinity between all the components turned this new house into a sea of tranquility and serenity. The choice of applying Topcret Microcemento® enhanced the qualities of the house, bringing sophistication, elegance and strength to all surfaces.