Topcret was built on the initiative of two young entrepreneur engineers who chose to break away from the maelstrom of the construction sector by creating their Microcemento® product, a cementitious micro-coat that would revolutionize the field of design and interior design. When sector professional took to the new work, Topcret provided an innovative feature that offers the opportunity for radical renovation with minimal environmental impact, and without generating debris or waste.

Initially both the manufacturing process and the installation process were carried out by the current owners of the company. With little capacity for investment, challenging the crisis that affected the sector, but with a great capacity for work, effort, organization, vision and control of their first projects, they organized the company they are today: more than 25 workers, an affiliate In London, 45 franchises spread across five continents and an innovative product, unique in the market (Baxab®) and which has distanced them from the competition since its launch in 2014.

At Topcret, there are now ambitious but realistic objectives given the strength of the company at the moment. The intense activity of the R & D department, constantly improving the product, makes them sector leaders.

The continuous search for customer satisfaction is the motor driving their continuous growth as a company, and in a socially responsible way contributing their bit to society.

To guide them on this road they have implemented ISO 9000, which will keep them on the path of excellence in service and quality.

Its mission is to achieve a greater national and international presence as a socially responsible company. To this end, its strategy will be based in the coming years on meeting environmental standards, and sustainability and energy efficiency both in its products and in its facilities. In this sense, they have obtained the ISO 14000 certification.

Another of its objectives is based on meeting not only the legal requirements in terms of job security, but also guaranteeing this with all the means available. For this they have been certified with the strict OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Its values ​​are based on concepts such as work and life balance, continuous support for its affilliates and constant updating of the technologies they use in their work, as well as communication technologies, in order to remain a young and current company adapted to its milieu and time. Living and giving life to its environment in a coherent way, with sustainable growth and ecologically respecting this in order to preserve the future.

Topcret wants to present its company on this website and to convey to all its team the recognition of all the work done and the excitement at the prospect of the road ahead.