The Topcret franchise system provides franchisees with comprehensive services covering all aspects of product marketing and franchise management with two types of licenses: Gold and Silver. Both licenses provide Topcret know-how. We make available to our franchisees everything necessary to be able to properly use our products in a way that guarantees both quality and efficiency.

The Gold License grants area exclusivity for a period of 5 years, while the Silver License provides this exclusivity for a period of one year. The Gold License requires the payment of an initial franchise fee and the Silver does not.

Obtaining the know-how of a company with more than a decade as a sector

From the beginning and throughout the term of the license, we will provide outstanding training for the franchisees’ entire team. This training consists of both theoretical and practical courses as well as continuous assistance in sales and applications in order to ensure essential learning and to solve any problems that may arise.

Constant advertising investment for the competitive development of each franchise

Topcret promotes the success of each new franchise with advertising campaigns and the periodical programming of joint advertising in order to boost sales.

Do your best to maximize your sales, Topcret does the rest!

Topcret manufactures Microcemento® in Spain and distributes it worldwide. We guarantee immediate availability of the product where it is distributed. Check availability in your area.

For further information contact us at:

TOPCRET Barcelona
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T. +44 2076242180

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