Topcret has created Baxab®, the only extremely tough microcement on the market. Developed in Topcret’s Innovation Labs, it represents a technological leap forward. The combination of two new exclusive materials developed by Topcret enables levels of resistance never before achieved by other products in the field to be reached. A technology created by Topcret that makes it a benchmark in the sector.

Unique micro-coating technology

The first layer, BCED, applied on the existing surface, is very hard. This inner level, an exclusive creation by Topcret, is highly resistant to pressure and fissures, generating a solid, stable and very durable layer.


The final finish, the exclusive CRED shield, is a completely innovative material that is extremely resistant to scratches, stains and burns. A sophisticated surface, fine and with durable, decorative finish. Available in Topcret’s extensive colour catalogue, Baxab® allows you to achieve high quality and beautiful surfaces. It is also completely waterproof, so it is possible to apply it in kitchens, bathrooms and any wet area.
The difference with regard to Microcement® is clear: Topcret recommends the application of Baxab® when the use of the microcoating is intensive or demands high durability.

In the same way as Microcement®, Baxab® has great adhesive power that allows it to be applied on almost any surface. It is ideal for homes and particularly excellent for businesses, hotels, public spaces and other high traffic implementations.

With a maximum thickness of 3mm and its short application time, it is ideal for renovation works as it does not require the removal of existing material or reworking of openings or sockets.

When applied with a trowel in a completely manual way, Baxab® presents a unique and different finish in each installation. The company identifies each of its Baxab® applications with a small plate and serial number. This registration allows each installation to be traced and monitored.

Laboratory Tests and Certifications
Topcret has subjected Baxab® technology to extensive testing by external technology certifiers to determine the extent to which their product is highly durable. The company makes the reports certifying the hardness and strength of Baxab® available to its customers.

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