Topcret awarded the Pavement of the Year

Interior Magazine is known as one of the most prestigious and important magazines in Spain for creating trends in interior decoration and design, art and architecture. In recognition of its 15th year in the sector, it organized the 1st edition of the Interior Design Awards.

Topcret was honoured to be one of the evening’s winners. The company was chosen as the winner of the Pavement of the Year Award, 2015. Topcret’s directors, Ernesto Aiello and Davor Natalio Gligo, were there to collect the prize.

The Interior Design Awards reflect the best in interior design and honour the top designers, architects and engineers. To this end, 17 members were chosen, representing the best in each area.

Topcret at Grand Designs Live London

The latest edition of the Grand Designs Live brought together more than 500 exhibitors in London. Based on the Channel 4 programme presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, for 9 days you could see the latest trends for home and outdoor spaces.

As in previous editions, Topcret was present with a stand where we were able to offer visitors the opportunity to check out the different varieties of Microcemento® and Baxab® applications. Topcret took the opportunity to present its newest product, Summery – an exclusive Topcret application for radiant heat coatings in homes and businesses.

New Topcret Showroom in Sweden

After just over a year after the franchise opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Topcret has opened a new showroom in Stockholm. MCF Sweden AB has decided to create a business opportunity in Sweden, becoming a leading player in the Scandinavian sector.

For this occasion, a big party was held to inaugurate the new showroom in Stockholm. Inspiration filled the premises where several clients, friends and colleagues from the sector had gathered and were able to admire the different Topcret Microcemento® applications made by our Swedish colleagues.

Successful Business: Topcret Franchises

Eleazar Jaramillo is an excellent example of success within the Topcret franchise network of Silver and Gold Licenses. Topcret is proud of how Eleazar Jaramillo’s experience in Venezuela as a Gold License Franchisee illustrates the outstanding business opportunity we offer with our Silver and Gold Licenses. For more than a decade, Eleazar has enjoyed the clear benefits of the know-how provided by the his Topcret Gold License and he is now the owner of one of the most successful franchises in the construction and interior design sector in South America.

When did you purchase your Topcret franchise license?
We have been a franchise since March 2010.

How did you find out about the Topcret franchise opportunity?
Through the website.

What made you decide to purchase the franchise? What did you consider?
We decided to accept the franchise first, after a thorough analysis of the local market. The trust, security and brand image that Topcret transmitted to us throughout the negotiation process sealed the deal. Topcret’s business objectives and vision were the best when taking other options into account.

Did you already have previous experiences as a franchise owner?
Not as a franchise owner, but as a representative or licensee of other products.

How do you see the image the public has of the Topcret brand and its products? 
Based on my experience in the sector and my commitment to the quality of the products we represent, we have been able to transmit to the Venezuelan market sufficient confidence so that Topcret is now recognized by professionals and consumers as the micro-cement brand par excellence. This comes down to the image projected through our advertising campaigns, the personal treatment with our clients and fundamentally, to the dedication and detail in each project we carry out. The market already knows Topcret as a very high level brand.

Have there been any changes during this time in your market? If so, how has it changed?
Absolutely. The influence of Topcret in Venezuela has generated very positive changes in the market. Architects, decorators, interior designers and private clients already include us in their projects as the ideal product replacing traditional coatings known up until now.

What is your franchise’s best selling product?
High quality finishes of impeccable appearance, decorative image renovation and our company’s quality guarantee.

How does the sale process work in general?
From the first contact with the client, the process is totally personalized and each project is unique. It is a matter of giving detailed advice on how and where to apply Topcret coatings. The correct choice of colour is crucial.

How would you describe this business? What benefits and opportunities do you see?
The Topcret business is very satisfactory: we do handcrafted work and are part of the physical transformation in each project. The way in which the business is presented from the parent company and the projection it has in the future in terms of continuing to create unique and innovative decorative finishes strengthens the brand and confidence in the commercial network. The market will always be waiting for news about what Topcret can offer and will receive it positively. This translates directly into economic benefits and creates opportunities for business growth and development.

What forecasts do you have? What are your future goals or how do you imagine the evolution of your business?
As a Topcret Gold Licensee in Venezuela, we plan to continue growing through our network of local franchises and business allies in order to achieve a presence in every corner of the country. We have the firm conviction and the fundamental objective to be the elite brand at the highest level in the market for decorative finishes.