4 Flooring ideas to change the soil without works

Flooring ideas

Posted by June 20th, 2018

The new generation of reforms seeks to speed up the execution of works while avoiding the inconvenience of users. Changing the floor had until now been one of the most annoying works, but the new concepts allow to change the pavement as if they were one more element of the decoration, with immediacy and cleanliness to quickly adapt it to the new preferences of the user.

The new floors are now available in much more manageable formats, such as planks, tiles and rolls. They are fixed by using mechanical elements or easily removable adhesives, or they can be applied directly on the previous pavement without having to lift it thanks to its minimum thickness. In this way, the revolutionary idea of ​​a floor that can move as if it were a piece of furniture has ceased to be a futuristic chimera and is an affordable reality. Here are four flooring ideas to achieve it.

Floating parquet

The parquet floors are in the market in thicknesses between 9 and 16 mm. This includes the insulating plastic sheet that is placed between the floor and the pavement – hence the name floating. The assembly system is very fast and can be carried out in phases, but it forces the existing skirting board to be started and the lower part of the doors to be sanded.

Dry ceramics

The dry-laid ceramic floor consists of tiles on a plastic matrix that forms the base and the joints, which eliminates the need for adhesive material. It arose in principle for temporary installations or for pavements that require rapid commissioning, such as offices and commercial premises, but is perfectly applicable to homes.


Vinyl floors are an alternative to parquets and wood laminates. Vinyl is a resistant, hypoallergenic material with acoustic insulating properties. It is installed in a lamas, tiles or rolls usually. Its versatility allows it to imitate not only wood, but other materials such as stone, concrete or fabrics.


The continuous cement coatings, also known as microcement or microconcrete, are ideal for a reform for its minimum thickness, which together with an exceptional adhesion allows its application on a wide variety of different supports: tile, marble, mosaic, concrete, revoke, and etcetera.

In addition to the floor can cover walls, countertops, bathtubs, sinks, swimming pools … Here, at Topcret, we are focused on microconcrete solutions for all kind of surfaces. It is a fine, versatile and elegant material that suits perfectly to all needs. Contact us to know more about our microcement products, microconcrete flooring ideas and solutions.